Recent Work

This silicone face prosthetic was created for the movie Plastic Perfect in 2008. It was very important for this to allow for natural facial expression and be sturdy enough to withstand extended shooting.

Actress Crystal Pate

Actress Crystal Pate

Silcone Prosthetic
Plastic Perfect

These are some still shots of special effects for a movie titled The Unseen shot in 2008. In addition to being the Special Makeup Effects Artist, I have worked as the stunt double for the killer in various scenes.

Woods movie 2008

Slit neck victim

Woods movie 2008

Slashed victim

Woods movie 2008

Scalped victim in bathtub

Woods movie 2008

Impaled family

Here are a few examples of the special effects created for the 2008 movie Zombie Love, taken on various days of shooting.

Zombie Love FX

Halfway through makeup job

Zombie Love FX

Side shot

Zombie Love FX

Two of the zombies together

Older Projects

These are a few examples of an aging effect done for the movie A Texas Tale of Treason, in 2006.

Stuart Kincaid

Actor Stuart Kincaid

Aged Stuart Kincaid

In full costume

Close up aged Stuart Kincaid

Close up of face and neck

These are examples of my first latex prosthetics done in 2002. The top row is a basic lycan piece covering the forehead and nose. The bottom is a two piece face and neck conversion from a mask.

Tricia Wheelis before

Model Patricia Wheelis

Lycan prosthetic front
Lycan prosthetic side

Scott Wheelis before

Artist Scott Wheelis

Freak prosthetic front
Freak prosthetic side