Recent Work

I created this prop for the movie Zombie Love, for a scene in which the lead zombie tears the lip of the lead actor while kissing him. Pictured below are the skin made of Frubber™, the fiberglass underskeleton, and an action shot from the movie. My prosthetics and makeup jobs on the zombies can be seen here.

Zombie Love prop
Zombie Prop under
Zomvie movie still

These are some pictures of the spinning pillar I created in 2006 for my haunted house, The Temple of Anubis.

Hellraiser pillar

Spinning pillar from one angle

Spinning pillar

Another side

Spinning Hellraiser pillar

A third view

Older Projects

Here are pictures of my skinless female prop created in 2004, splitting her time between my haunted house and the band Triple Six Shooters.

Triple Six Shooters with props

Onstage with the Triple Six Shooters and a few of my other props

Coy skinless prop tip

She even gets tips sometimes

Skinless at haunt

At the haunt

The teddy bear was originally created in 2003 and received a great response. I'm currently working on a special 2008 version.

Tom Savini with teddy bear

Tom Savini and teddy bear

Michael Berryman bear

Michael Berryman with teddy

Edwin Neal and teddy bear

Edwin Neal with the bear

From the archives

I made the crystal skull wall sconce back in 2001. Lately it has been used by the Triple Six Shooters for their performances.

Skull Wall Sconce

Front view

Side view

Side view

These props were created in 1999 out of a desire to learn other materials. They were sold long ago, so all I have are these pictures.

Meditating demon

The meditating demon

Deluxe corpse ashtray

The deluxe skull ashtray