Eyes and Teeth

Recent Work - Eyes

These are examples of eyes made for two distinctly different purposes - robotics and special effects. The robotic eyes in the top row are made of printed ABS plastic from forms that I helped design. The are made to hold small cameras (in these images the camera hasn't been placed yet), as well as being capable of full range of motion within the robot. I hand paint each one, then cover them with optical lenses for the corneal bulge. The first set of special effects eyes pictured in the second row were created for a prop in the movie Zombie Love. The actor's head is ripped off during a fight with a zombie. The second set is a spare to add to a project when needed.

Robotic Eye
Robotic eyes
Zombie Prop eyes
Special FX eyes

Recent Work - Teeth

These dental pieces were done for one of the Hanson Robotics robots in 2007.

Teeth for robot together Teeth for robot apart